The Making of a Song: “Goodnight Old Friend” 

By Greg Goss


Someone once told me some of my songs sound like lullabies for anyone. I think they could be on to something. So how did the song, "Goodnight Old Friend" come to be? (You can listen to it on the "Music" page of this site).

Early Morning Creativity

It was a work night (er...morning, actually), sometime around 1:30 to 2:00 am. I was deep in the creative process and having a hard time putting it down. But I knew I had to get some sleep, so I told myself “Goodnight Old Friend”, referring to my passion for the music writing process. I thought that sounded pretty good, so I decided to write a song about it.

The intro guitar melody - like many of my melodies - came to me through a process of noodling around over a simple chord progression. I then expanded the progression to accommodate the chorus. Once I had a full song structure and vocal melody line, I added the lyrics. It didn’t take very long to write the song, perhaps a few weeks

The Making of a Gem

I was pleased to create a melody that is soothing and somewhat timeless. I hired my friend, Tim Current, to sing, and my buddy Mark Coquet performed the bass. I played all guitar parts (electric and acoustic) and I added a minimalist electronic drum. This song is featured on my 4th solo CD, Harmonic Journey. It was recorded in 2009 at Nettleingham Audio in Vancouver, WA. 

I think the song is simple, catchy, and sweet. Similar to lounging in a hammock, or sleeping close to your partner. Enjoy this song, “Goodnight Old Friend,” whenever you want to escape to a nurturing place - a warm hug in an oftentimes cold world.

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