About Greg Goss

Greg Goss, of Portland, Oregon, is an American songwriter, music producer and guitarist. 

Greg started out as an enthusiastic musician, playing the guitar until he was blue in the face. But in his twenties, his interest in music shifted strongly toward the compositional side. He identifies as a writing and recording artist, first and foremost. 

Greg enjoys composing several genres of music, including folk, classical, solo piano, pop, rock, reggaeton and latin pop. No matter the genre, Greg strives to create music that inspires or touches others in a meaningful way. 

In recent years, Greg has been honing his music production and audio engineering skills, and has produced broadcast-quality music out of his home studio (his bedroom, in other words!) 

In 2019, Greg launched into the world of music licensing and has been successful getting his music placed on television. 

Greg begins everyday by plunging into a creative work, doing all he can to uplift the world through his music.