Greg Goss, of Gresham, Oregon, is an American songwriter, guitarist, producer and teacher. Greg began playing guitar at 12, inspired by the rock guitar icons of the day—Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen and George Lynch, to name a few. In his freshman year of high school, a fellow band member introduced him to classical guitar. He soon broadened his musical interests further, taking an interest in flamenco, jazz, fusion and blues.   

In his early musical years, Greg dabbled in songwriting, but his creative ventures yielded little more than frustration. A player at heart, he didn’t get discouraged and just continued to play and play. After a decade of committed practice (and a long run in a highly technical rock band), he burned out. 

When the musical itch returned, Greg’s interest shifted from player to songwriter. By piecing together fragments of ideas, his repertoire of original material began to emerge. Greg fell in love with the songwriting process and it has been his life’s passion ever since. 

Greg’s music draws on elements of many genres, although he identifies primarily as a pop artist nowadays. In recent years, he has taken a departure from creating guitar-centered instrumentals to writing pop songs. Whether slow and sentimental or upbeat and pumping, the common thread running through Greg’s music is that it is easy on the ears; highly soothing and richly melodic.  



Greg released his first solo CD in 2003 and he now has 6 CD’s to his credit. in early 2018, he released Follow the Dream, a diverse pop album featuring the vocal talents of Portland-area singers Kate Morrison and Mandy Berry.