About Greg Goss

Greg Goss, of Portland, Oregon, is an American musician who writes songs, plays guitar, produces and teaches others. His music is inspiring, uplifting, and relaxing. He draws inspiration from many genres, such as folk, rock, and pop. His sound is uniquely eclectic and soulful.

Greg began playing guitar in his youth. He was inspired by the rock guitar icons of the day— such as Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen and George Lynch. In high school, a fellow band member introduced him to classical guitar. He soon broadened his musical interests to flamenco, jazz, fusion, and blues. 

Over the years, Greg has fallen in love with the songwriting process and it has been his life’s passion ever since. Whether slow and sentimental or upbeat, the common thread running through Greg’s music is that it is easy on the ears. His fans have described his music as highly soothing and richly melodic.

Greg released his first solo CD in 2003. He now has six CD’s to his credit. In early 2018, he released an album entitled "Follow the Dream", a diverse pop album. It features the Portland vocal talents Kate Morrison and Mandy Berry. 

Check out Greg's latest thoughts on his blog.